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Juan Gonzalez, 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice

Name: juan GONZALEZ
Team: texas RANGERS
Position: Outfield
Value of card: Anger hotter than the fire of a thousand suns
Key 1994 stat: No love lost
It's a collector's choice pop quiz: What did Reggie Jackson say to torque off Juan Gone?

A) Reggie asked why Juan put so much eye black on his lip.
B) Reggie asked if Juan realized that there would be photographers around.
C) Reggie told Juan he had a nice swing      and then asked if Juan's husband played.
D) Mr. October said Juan reminded him of Miss November.
E) None of the above. Juan just didn't like anybody.


Reggie Jackson, 1973 Topps

Name: Reggie Jackson
Team: Oakland A's
Position: Outfield
Value of card: It's clear it's worth nothing
Key 1972 stat: 2,216 photos of Jackson in 1972 better than this one
It's time for The Caption, which we know didn't run in the Oakland Tribune in the early 1970s: "Reggie Jackson, center, might be throwing a ball from the outfield at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in a game against the Chicago White Sox, but because the photo is so blurry we're not even sure this was against the White Sox, or even that it was taken during a baseball game, or, for that matter, whether it's really Jackson, on Tuesday in Oakland, maybe."


Will Clark, 1993 Upper Deck Reggie Jackson's Clutch Performers

Name: Will Clark
Team: San Francisco Giants
Position: First base
Value of card: Six globs of eye black
Key 1992 stat: 66 ducks shot dead
Time for a critical pop quiz:

What was Reggie Jackson's assessment of Will Clark on the back of this card?

(A) "Clark is a great player. He has a smooth swing and knows the game. But he's nowhere near as good as me, Mr. October."
(B) "Clark is one of the most clutch players I know. I once asked him to get me a donut. You guessed it: clutch."
(C) "Clark looks like a baseball player should look. He has a sweet swing and wears eye black well. All he needs are some movie-star shades, a ratty mustache and afro puffs."
(D) "Clark is known as 'The Thrill.' It's a good nickname. But his middle name is 'Nuschler.' C'mon, 'Nuschler'? Give me a break. Get off the field, sissy."
(E) All of the above.


Reggie Jackson, Ben Oglivie, Mike Schmidt, 1981 Topps Home Run Leaders

Names: Reggie Jackson, Ben Oglivie, Mike Schmidt
Teams: New York Yankees, Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies
Positions: Outfield, outfield, third base
Value of card: In mint condition, 20 cents; this card is far from mint condition
Key 1980 stat: Some number of home runs, apparently
It's time for a three-way edition of The Matchup: 

Round 1: Movie star shades (Winner: Jackson)
Round 2: Movie star squints (Winner: Schmidt)
Round 3: Well-manicured mustache (Winner: Jackson)
Round 4: Mustache made of horse hair (Winner: Schmidt)
Round 5: Perfectly rounded afro (Winner: Jackson)
Round 6: Homeless hair (Winner: Schmidt)
Round 7: Lack of Hall of Fame invites (Winner: Oglivie)

Score: Jackson 3, Schmidt 3, Oglivie 1

Synopsis: Hall of Famers Jackson and Schmidt were neck and neck throughout, but neither could come away with a win after non-Hall of Famer Oglivie torpedoed The Matchup.


Reggie Jackson, 1975 Topps

Name: Reggie Jackson
Team: Oakland A's
Position: Outfield
Value of card: Three yellow stripes (on underwear)
Key 1975 stat: Did the Hustle 13,749 times
Fun facts about Reggie Jackson (and baseball, in general):
  • Yes, that's correct, the collar of Reggie's undershirt is a different color than its sleeves. And, yes, that's a little weird.
  • That guy in the background, over Reggie's shoulder, is not a stalker. It's Billy Martin.
  • Reggie Jackson's beard hit 36 home runs in 1975. With the ladies.
  • Yeah, so what if Reggie's singing "Stayin' Alive" while taking batting practice? You gonna do something about it?
  • Yes, that signature says "Reggie Jackson," not "Razzie Jailbait."
  • Baseball today would be at least 20 percent cooler if dudes wore aviator shades. That's a fact.



Reggie Jackson, 1984 Donruss

Name: Reggie Jackson
Team: California Angels
Position: Designated hitter
Value of card: One torn 1977 calendar
Key 1983 stat: 1,006 face wrinkles
The straw that stirs the mustache: Reggie Jackson earned his most famous nickname, Mr. October, for his World Series heroics, but here are 10 other, lesser-known nicknames for the slugger:

10) Mr. Potato Head
9) Four-Eyes
8) That Guy Who Hits the Home Runs
7) Candy
6) Commander Awesome
5) The Death of Billy Martin
4) The Honey Badger
3) Nancy
2) Squeeze Play
1) The Monster of Mesh