Joe Theismann, 1991 Pro Line (Super Bowl Week No. 6)

Name: Joe Theismann
Team: Washington Redskins
Position: Quarterback
Value of card: One compound fracture
Key Super Bowl stat: One strike-year Super Bowl ring
Scarred for life: After suffering one of the most gruesome injuries in football history when sacked by Lawrence Taylor in 1985, Joe Theismann was never quite the same. He refused to walk anywhere, instead insisting on being carried around in a poorly constructed director's chair. He would only wear white shoes AND white socks. He refused to wear pants that went down past his calves. Of course, the folks at Pro Line know how to have a good time. So it was that they had Taylor visit the studio in uniform and tackle Theismann's chair, breaking one of the legs clean in half. A frightened Theismann screamed like a girl for 10 minutes and turned his elastic pants into one big "sloppy Joe."


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