Jeff Reardon, 1988 Topps

Name: Jeff Reardon
Team: Minnesota Twins
Positions: Closer, curmudgeon
Value of card: One free beard trimming at Supercuts
Key 1987 stat: Zero things liked
A couple of quizzes:

What's that stain?
(A) Kirby Puckett's barbecue sauce
(B) Jeff Reardon's Beard Rejuvenator (TM)
(C) The blood of every American League batter Reardon mowed down
(D) Delicious paté
(E) All of the above

Why is Reardon scowling so hard?
(A) The Topps photographer asked him to look "sexy"
(B) His legendary beard really itches!
(C) He's thinking about robbing a jewelry store 18 years from now
(D) He's regretting purchasing a 24-karat gold choker
(E) Dammit, Kirby, you got barbecue sauce on his freakin' card!

Card contributed by Greg Schindler


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