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Fred Taylor, 2008 Upper Deck (Football Friday No. 196)

Name: Fred Taylor
Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Position: Running back
Value of card: About the same as the value of the Pro Bowl
Key 2008 stat: Got lei'd once
It's an All-Pro edition of The Caption: "Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor is greeted Sunday at the Pro Bowl in Honolulu by Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville, the only other being in Hawaii     including the visiting NFL players and coaches     that was aware that the Jaguars are an actual football team."

Card submitted by Douglas Corti


Tony Brackens, 1996 Donruss (Football Friday No. 139)

Name: Tony Brackens
Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Position: Defensive (rear) end
Value of card: As many dollars as there are fans in the stadium
Key 1995 stat: Four Jaguar luxury cars bought after contract signing
Jaguars' scouting report on rookie Tony Brackens: "We don't want a giant human being with dimples, so thumbs-down. ... We need a guy who can grow a full mustache, so thumbs-down. ... We need a guy who doesn't like playing in an empty stadium, so thumbs-down. ... We want a guy who isn't afraid to show his teeth in a photo, so thumbs-down. ... We seem to have a guy who just got his thumb prints taken at police headquarters, so ... yeah ... you got it."


Jacksonville Jaguars, 1994 Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron (Football Friday No. 120)

Name: Jaguars
Team: Jaguars
Position: Jaguars
Value of card: Six kernels of Friskies
Key 1993 stat: One pair of MC Hammer pants
10 little-known facts about the Jaguars' 1994 mascot:
10) He rips his own shirt with his claws when he's feeling sexy.
9) He has trouble going in the litter box when the door is left open.
8) He floats at all times.
7) "Shoes? Shoes are for suckas," he says.
6) Not a monster; doesn't care for the gridiron. Hates Coca-Cola; loves coke.
5) He's deeply afraid of playing the Lions and the Panthers, but he cheers for the Tigers.
4) Sometimes, when he jumps, he craps sausage-shaped excrement that doubles back toward his head.
3) He spends the offseason posing on hoods in the same position as above.
2) Not a leopard, so, therefore, he can change his spots. No problem.
1) He drives a luxury automobile that's not very dependable.