Steve Nash, 1996-97 Upper Deck (Another Alternative Sports Week No. 4)

Name: Steve NASH (apparently)
Team: Phoenix Suns on Ice
Positions: Guard, hockey player
Value of card: Zamboni exhaust
Key 1996-97 stat: Zero power play goals
Words of wisdom: The caption written (in white type on a white background       genius!) on this ridiculous card reads, "Nash shows that he too is a multi-talented superstar by displaying his love for puck." Hey, we all have love for puck, but here are a few alternate captions that Upper Deck considered for that space:
  • "Nash, age 15, sets himself up for a bout with frostbite by ice-skating in shorts and a basketball jersey. Kids these days!"
  • "Nash shows that he too is not very bright by trying to shoot a basketball past a goalie into a hockey net."
  • "Nash is seen just moments before getting cross-checked by the Phoenix Suns Gorilla. That's bananas!"
  • "Hold on, they have hockey rinks in Phoenix?"
Card courtesy of FatShawnKemp.com