Rick Sutcliffe, 1988 Topps Bigg Series 1

Name: Rick Sutcliffe
Team: Chicago Cubs
Position: Ace
Value of card: Slightly less than a bag of mullet hair
Key 1987 stat: Zero haircuts
A busy 1987 for Mr. Sutcliffe: The 1984 Cy Young winner did much more than pitch in the mid-1980s, and 1987 stands as what was likely his busiest year. Going 18-10 in 237.1 innings is quite a workload, but if you factor in his hobbies, side jobs and habits, Sutcliffe couldn't have slept more than 45 minutes a night.
Sutcliffe's 1987 off-the-field pursuits: Vidal Sassoon spokesmodel; stand-in for Kenny Rogers at strip mall appearances; hunting his great white whale, the Tennessee albino wild boar; staring; curing cancer with his tears, if he slept, which he doesn't, because he is Chuck Norris; driving a big-rig cross-country; persuading baseball card companies to be listed at 6 feet 7, when he is, in fact, 6 feet 3, minus the mullet; smoking three Marlboros at a time; glaring.


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  1. Rick has won my bad hair cut world series trophy. Single handedly his hair ended the players strike of 1995. The fear was that his hair would play the entire season for the Cubs.