Rickey Henderson, 1991 Score Dream Team

Name: Rickey Henderson
Team: Oakland A's
Position: Left field
Value of card: One silver-dollar necklace
Key 1990 stat: 11 corns on feet
Rickey be Rickey ... everywhere: Rickey Henderson intimidated pitchers from a crouch, a few feet from a base, arms dangling, fingers nearly touching the ground, heels slightly off the dirt and eyes focused. He swiped base after base, earning the nickname "The Man of Steal." But Rickey Be Rickey didn't only hone his game on the diamond. At the supermarket, he'd get down in a crouch, and — whoosh — he'd grab a gallon of milk and, before anyone noticed, he'd be at home, making cereal. In a traffic jam, he'd get down in a crouch, and — whoosh — he'd be at his destination, with other drivers stuck behind his abandoned Ferrari in the fast lane. At home in the morning, above, Rickey would get down in a crouch, and — whoosh — he'd shower, brush his teeth, comb his hair and put on an obnoxious piece of jewelry, all before the alarm finished its first ring. In the bedroom, Rickey would get down in a crouch, focus his eyes on his lover and — whoosh — he'd be snoring with a half-eaten sandwich on his pillow and a smile on his face.



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