Andre Dawson, 1993 Upper Deck Red Sox Checklist

Names: Andre Dawson, The Hawk
Teams: Boston Red Sox, League of Justice
Positions: Outfield, Protector of the Universe
Value of card: Three mice gripped in talons
Key 1992 stat: 14 damsels in distress saved
A superhero, on two wings and a player: Andre Dawson spent his days hitting home runs, stealing bases and showing off a rocket arm from right field. The Hawk, however, spent his nights protecting the Earth from evildoers of all shapes and sizes. After games at Fenway Park, Dawson would return to his Fortress of Feathers high atop a Boston skyscraper. There, he would change into tights, talons and a beak, before donning magic wings made of fastballs that allowed him to swoop down from building perches and treetops to intercept dastardly villians. Women would flock to The Hawk, but The Hawk flocked to danger. He migrated to good deeds and regurgitated small rodents to feed his children. Baseball was a passion for Dawson. But when it came to ridding the world of wickedness, the Hawk ruled the roost.


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