Mark McGwire, 1988 Fleer Headliners

Name: Mark McGwire
Team: Oakland A's
Position: First base
Value of card: As valuable as yesterday's papers
Key 1987 stat: 162 news cycles dominated
10 headlines Mark McGwire made in 1987:
10) "First baseman swings two bats at plate, hits two home runs, twice" (Wall Street Journal)
9) "McGwire's chest hair: A home run" (Vanity Fair)
8) "Incredible squinting player goes 3-for-4" (USA Today)
7) "Only drug accusations could ruin this career" (Sports Illustrated)
6) "25 reasons not to straighten your teeth" (Men's Health)
5) "Man sought in barnyard rapes" (San Francisco Chronicle)
4) "First base? No chance" (Note scrawled to McGwire at restaurant during date)
3) "Baseball players and newspapers: McGwire is their type" (New York Times)
2) "White man wears bling" (Ebony)
1) "McGwire headline goes here yyyyxxx" (Oakland Tribune)


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