Rod Beck, 1994 Topps Gold

Name: Rod Beck
Team: San Francisco Giants
Position: Closer
Value of card: Free spittoon with five Skoal proofs of purchase
Key 1993 stat: One mouth cancer diagnosis
Script from Skoal television commercial, circa 1994: "Hi, kids. This is Rod Beck, closer for the San Francisco Giants. You practice every day in the hopes of becoming a big-leaguer like me. (Tosses back and seductively shakes mullet.) You shag ground balls, hit off a tee, and play catch with your pa. But if you really want to play in the major leagues, I have some advice for you: Get yourself a can of Skoal. (Holds up can of chewing tobacco; camera zooms in for close-up view; Skoal theme song plays for eight seconds.) Lots of kids dream of playing with the best, but to be the best you have to chew with the best, and the best, like me (feathers fingers through mullet), chew Skoal. (Camera pans to scantily-clad models wearing Giants jerseys, mouths full of chewing tobacco; Skoal theme song plays for five seconds.) You know me; I never lob one up to the plate. (Cut to Beck throwing baseball with flames trailing it.) But I'm lobbing you some advice. (Close-up shot of Beck's handlebar mustache; Beck's tooth glimmers in the sun.) If you want to be a pro, you have to look like a pro, and a pro is always packing a Skoal. (Beck turns backside toward camera; Skoal can's silhouette is showing; Beck slaps backside and spits; Skoal theme songs plays for nine seconds; camera pans to models; models spit and show tobacco-filled teeth; song fades out.) So, remember, kids: Skoal is a home run every time."

Card submitted by Kate Berezich