Oscar Gamble, 1976 Topps Traded

Name: Oscar Gamble
Team: New York Yankees
Position: Outfield
Value of card: Priceless
Key 1975 stat: Innumerable imitators
Hair today, hair tomorrow: Oscar Gamble is a legend. He's known as The Big O, The Gamble and The Afro Wonder. He hit for power and for average, but was best known for his 'fro. He inspired imitators on the field and in dorm rooms across the nation. He changed pop culture and inspired trends among the most surprising of followers. Kids across the world copied his style. Weather patterns changed to adhere to the trend he began. The fashion world has never been the same. Plain and simple, The Big O is the pre-eminent afro-American.



  1. Please, that wasn't his style, they had that afro in the 1960's that was the style way before him.

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  15. Ironically, Oscar Gamble went bald.


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