Rex Hudler, 1995 Topps Stadium Club Members Only

Name: Rex Hudler
Team: California Angels
Positions: Second base, outfield
Value of card: 180 pounds of crazy
Key 1994 stat: One restraining order filed against him by a pole
Well, that explains it: Baseball players are notorious pranksters. They leave chewing gum bubbles on teammates' hats, they cover each other in shaving cream after big performances, and they're prone to the occasional hotfoot. But the Angels got really crazy in late 1994, when they covered a dugout pole with Super Glue, attached to it a photo of Chuck Finley's soon-to-be-wife, Tawny Kitaen, and told the gullible Rex Hudler that it was really her and that she wanted to make out with him. Hudler literally jumped at the chance, wrapping his limbs around the post, only to realize too late that he had been hung out to dry. He soon began yelling at teammates, fans and the Topps photographer, demanding that he and his two-dimensional lady-friend be cut free.

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