Roger Craig, 1986 Topps (Football Friday No. 3)

Name: Roger Craig
Team: San Francisco 49ers
Position: Running back
Value of card: $1,000 (Camel Cash)
Key 1985 stat: Five packs a day
His play will take your breath away: Roger Craig may look ridiculous in the above photograph, but the story behind the card is no laughing matter. Craig was a nicotine addict. He didn't smoke socially; he smoked constantly. John Wayne once told him he smelled like ashtray. Craig named his second child "Joe Camel Craig." The 49ers running back would buy a pack of Virginia Slims, bundle 10 of them with duct tape, and light up what he called "a Virginia Fats." He once woke up dazed and naked on a North Carolina tobacco farm, shivering, wrapped in tobacco leaves. When Craig was in a movie theater, airplane or another place where smoking was prohibited, he ate his cigarettes, filter and all. Craig's only automobile? A Marlboro race car. His favorite ice-cream flavor? Benson and Hedges. All the smoking didn't stop Craig's on-field exploits. He ran, legs churning, knees to his chest, around and over defenders. But there was a catch: After every play, Craig had to return to the sideline, affix a mask, and inhale a special concoction formulated by the 49ers training staff. The concoction: 25 percent oxygen, 25 percent carbon dioxide, 50 percent Lucky Strike refry smoke.


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