Tom Henke, 1988 Topps All-Star

Name: Tom Henke
Teams: Toronto Blue Jays, Lambda Lambda Lambda
Position: Closer, in more ways than one
Value of card: Booger
Key 1987 stat: 20/1600 vision
Fame nearly finds Henke: It was 1983, and Thomas Maurice Henke was just another small-town kid who excelled in biology and baseball. He spent his days around beakers and ballfields and his nights alone. Then, his life changed. He was approached at a comic book convention by a Hollywood casting director, who told the 17-year-old he would be perfect for a part in a movie scheduled to hit theaters in 1984. The movie: "Revenge of the Nerds." The part: Nerdy Athlete No. 1. Henke agreed to try his hand at acting. He excelled, but, sadly, his scenes wound up on the cutting-room floor. Heartbroken, he turned to baseball, and again, the giant, 6-foot-4 dork excelled.



  1. Jesus, did he get hit in the face with a shovel?

  2. no but he does have to introduce himself to his neighbors every time he moves