Mo Vaughn, 1998 Score Spring Training

Name: Mo Vaughn
Team: Boston Red Sox
Position: First base
Value of card: 1 cent? It's worth Mo, Mo, Mo (just barely)
Key 1997 stat: 7 minutes spent exercising
Mo Vaughn had a strenuous spring training workout regimen; here are some of his exercises:
  • Pick up medicine ball; huck it at teammate whose back is turned.
  • Grab 25-pound free weight; fling it through clubhouse window.
  • Pick up matching kettle bells; simultaneously bash them upside mascot's head.
  • Approach NordicTrack; rip it to pieces.
  • Grab Shake Weight; exercise vigorously; choke out teammates making wisecracks.


1 comment:

  1. I bet ol' Mo was real happy when he saw this card. He looks like a real dumbass in this picture.