Al Holland, 1985 Fleer Superstar Special

Name: Al Holland
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: The same card, cut in half
Key 1984 stat: Zero wooden shoes worn
A piece of the puzzle: For its 1985 set, Fleer added a handful of  Superstar Specials, including this one of "superstar" Al Holland, which is actually supposed to be paired with another card from the set. Can you guess who is on the other card?

(A) Johnny Oates
(B) Joe "Oats" DeMaestri
(C) The Quaker Oats guy
(D) Lee Tunnell
(E) Wait, it actually is Lee Tunnell? Fleer went with a reference to an underground thoroughfare that touches neither Philly nor Pittsburgh instead of a solid Hall and Oates reference? Gee, it's hard to imagine why they eventually went out of business.


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