Fred Dryer, 1977 Topps (Football Friday No. 211)

Name: Fred Dryer
Team: Los Angeles Rams
Positions: Defensive end, actor
Value of card: 1 Beta tape of "Hunter"
Key 1976 stat: 7 years before starring as Detective Sgt. Rick Hunter
It's time for a Hollywood-tinged pop quiz:

How were Fred Dryer's acting skills on display in this card?

(A) He's not really a guy with a beard; he's just playing one.
(B) He's acting like he really takes the field without shoulder pads.
(C) Bending over suggestively, he's putting on a show for the ladies.
(D) He's pretending he doesn't want to spear-tackle the photographer for helping put him on this abysmal card.
(E) All of the above.

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