Alex Rodriguez, 1998 Pinnacle Plus Lasting Memories

Name: Alex Rodriguez
Team: Seattle Mariners
Position: Shortstop
Value of card: Your worst childhood memory
Key 1997 stat: Yet to be called "Pay-Rod" or "A-Roid"
Misty, water-colored memories: A-Rod sure has provided baseball fans with a lot of memories over the years. Here are a few, most of which we didn't make up:
  • That time he single-handedly broke the baseball salary structure
  • That time he hit that home run off that guy
  • That time when his lips were purple
  • That time he and Cameron Diaz grossed everyone out with popcorn
  • That time he got a shot in the behind from Anthony Bosch
  • That time he nibbled on a fan's ear
  • That time he and Bud Selig decided whether his suspension would be upheld by wrestling barechested in oil


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