Tim Thomas, 2011-12 Upper Deck Day with the Cup (Return of Stanley Cup Week No. 6)

Name: Tim Thomas
Team: Boston Bruins
Position: Goaltender
Value of card: One life vest made of lead
Key 2010-11 stat: Won a bunch of trophies or something
How Tim Thomas spent his day with Lord Stanley's Cup: Tim woke up around 9 a.m. in a bathtub full of ice, missing a kidney, and with no memory of the past 36 hours. A note on the bathroom mirror read, "If you want to keep your other kidney, pay what you owe." Still woozy, Tim put on a T-shirt two sizes too small for him, rounded up the Stanley Cup, the Vezina Trophy and the Conn Smythe Trophy, and headed for his speedboat at the marina. Tim sped off for international waters, where he sold the trophies to a sketchy Ukrainian businessman named Yuri. He then hurried back home and paid what he owed      $450 to bloodthirsty Comcast.

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