Reggie Jackson, 1993 Upper Deck World Cup Preview (World Cup Week No. 4)

Name: Reggie Jackson
Team: Team, um, USA?
Positions: Honorary captain (apparently), retired baseball player
Value of card: The month of October, torn from a 1993 calendar
Key 1993 stat: Twice tried to peel the gold off that trophy, thinking there was chocolate inside
No, really: We know what you're thinking. "What does Reggie Jackson have to do with soccer or the World Cup?" It didn't make sense at first to us, either, but there are some links:
  • Reggie's incredibly round, balding head resembles a soccer ball.
  • Reggie is wearing mom jeans, and some moms take their kids to soccer practice.
  • He's wearing a T-shirt that has either a soccer ball or a snowman's head on it.
  • In "The Naked Gun," he was programmed to kill the Queen of England, and the Brits sure do love their football.


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