Ray Nitschke, 1971 Topps (Football Friday No. 200)

Name: Ray Nitschke
Team: Green Bay Packers
Position: Middle linebacker
Value of card: Twice as much because of that awesome animated player in the left-hand corner
Key 1970 stat: 87 clocks cleaned
Marking the occasion: This is the 200th Football Friday here at the Bust, so we wanted to bring you a card of a classic football player. We won't be poking fun at Mr. Nitschke, mainly because we think he could still beat us to a bloody pulp from beyond the grave. He was the prototypical middle linebacker, a guy who hit so hard he practically invented the concussion. He wasn't really bald; he shaved his head like that to guarantee no hair would act as padding and lessen a blow. He was a man's man and his toughness helped define the NFL. So let us just go ahead and apologize for featuring you, Mr. Nitschke, on a blog written by a couple of weaklings.

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