Mike Werner, 1991-92 Panini (World Cup Week No. 1)

Name: Mike Werner
Team: F.C. Hansa Rostock
Position: Defender
Value of card: One ticket to a 1987 Whitesnake concert
Key 1991-92 stat: First-ballot Mullet Hall-of-Famer
Welcome to World Cup Week: Every four years, the world watches as the best footballers on the planet battle for national glory. Even Americans pretend to care, at least until the Yanks get knocked out during or shortly after the group stage. In honor of the 2014 World Cup, we hooligans at the Bust are pleased to celebrate as well with seven of the most atrocious pieces of soccer-related cardboard to grace the Internet, each one of them certain to earn us a red card. It's on!

Putting the "r-o-c-k" in Rostock: How legendary was German footballer Mike Werner's mullet? It was so legendary that Hansa started up 1-0 every match just because he was on the pitch. It was so legendary that it hosted its own Oktoberfest      every month of the year. It was so legendary, it made other men lose their hair just by looking at it. It was so legendary that Beethoven came back from the grave just to write a concerto about it. How legendary was Mike Werner's mullet? It was so legendary, it built its own Mercedes, tore down the Berlin Wall, and made sweet love to Katarina Witt all on the same night. Deutschland! Deutschland! Deutschland!

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