Antonio Borges, 1986-87 Panini (World Cup Week No. 7)

Name: Antonio (or just A.) Borges
Team: Braga, bro
Position: Stud
Value of card: Impossible to determine something of such immense value
Key 1985-86 stat: 212 beauty contests won
Gaze upon it: Have you ever seen such handsomeness crammed into one man? We think not. Borges was more than a star international athlete. He was pure sex appeal. Thousands of women would kill for his hair, and many thousands more would kill for a night with him. His mustache would make Magnum P.I. crawl into the fetal position and cry for a razor. Each eyebrow could have been a lesser man's beard. Each face wrinkle told the tale of a hundred sultry nights in Monaco, Milan and all points in between. This was A. Borges: A. Lothario bathed in hair.

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