Billy Martin, 1972 Topps (Return of Coach-Manager Week No. 3)

Name: Billy Martin
Team: Detroit Tigers
Position: Manager
Value of card: Knowing that Billy Martin thinks you're No. 1
Key 1971 stat: Not yet fired by the Yankees
Let's run down The Chances:

What are the chances ...
Billy Martin is flipping off baseball card collectors everywhere: 37%
Billy Martin is flipping off the photographer: 64%
Billy Martin had a premonition and is pre-emptively flipping off George Steinbrenner: 100%

What are the chances ...
This card caused children to stop collecting sports cards: 4%
This card caused mothers to stop buying cards for their kids: 20%
This card caused Topps to start oh-so-discreetly airbrushing photos: 100%

What are the chances ...

Billy Martin felt ashamed after seeing this card: 12%
Billy Martin felt proud after seeing this card: 33%
Billy Martin continued to feel drunk after seeing this card: 100%

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