Lou Piniella, 1981 Fleer

Name: Lou Piniella
Team: New York Yankees
Position: Outfield
Value of card: "Why don't you go ask somebody who (expletive) cares?"
Key 1980 stat: "Bend over and I'll show ya!"
It's time for an anger-filled pop quiz:

What was the often-argumentative Lou Piniella's reaction to seeing The Bust for the first time?

(A) "What kind of numbnuts losers spend their (expletive) time on something so stupid?"
(B) "This (expletive) website makes my (expletive) jockstrap ride to places this site would probably like to write about."
(C) "I took one look at this piece of (expletive), swallowed my (expletive) chew and threw up all over the (expletive) computer."
(D) "Genius! Just kidding. This (expletive) is (expletive) (expletive). I wouldn't feed this horse (expletive) to my dead (expletive) dog."
(E) "Both of the readers must be proud."
(F) All of the above

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