Charles Assmann, 1998 Jogo CFL (Football Friday No. 176)

Name: Charles Assmann (despite what it says on the card)
Team: Edmonton Eskimos
Position: Linebacker
Value of card: Says "ASSMAN" on it, so there's that
Key 1998 stat: Jokes about his name still weren't old
Four things about this card:

1) Yes, it's real.
2) Charles Assmann was an actual football player who spelled his name with two n's. And, frankly, that's even funnier than the misprint on the card.
3) On its top-of-the-line website, Jogo proudly hails its status as the second-longest running North American sports card producer behind Topps      and, apparently, it has inherited some of Topps' quality control people, as well.
4) Hee hee, Assman.

Card submitted by Douglas Corti

1 comment:

  1. always reminded me of the Seinfeld episode--and I'm proud of him as a University of Guelph alum