Tim Flannery, 1988 Fleer

Name: Tim Flannery
Teams: San Diego Padres, Sauritch Surfbords
Position: Second base, pitch man
Value of card: 3 ounces of SexWax
Key 1987 stat: 490 waves shredded
Script from Sauritch Surfboards television commercial, circa 1987: "Cowabunga, dudes! This is Tim 'The Flan Man' Flannery here for Sauritch Surfboards, the finest boards straight from SoCal. You want to catch some epic waves and rip it heavy? Grab a Sauritch. You want to totally miss out on wipeouts and never hear, 'Bummer, bro'? Grab a Sauritch. You want to jet through a rip curl and keep it gnarly at all times? Grab a Sauritch, dude. Even if your job is on the diamond, you'll never be a square on a Sauritch. Surf's up, dude. Forget the hanging curveballs; hang 10 on a Sauritch, and be the big Kahuna."

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