Steve Foster, 1992 Classic

Name: Steve Foster
Team: Cincinnati Reds
Position: Relief pitcher
Value of card: It's in the red
Key 1991 stat: Three Cooper gloves owned; yes, Cooper made three baseball gloves in 1992
Intimidation: "Hey, you there. Look at me. Look into these eyes. That's right. I'm Steve Foster, the incredible staring reliever, and I'm here to haunt your dreams. Think I'll look away? Wrong. Think I'll wear a hat that fits? Wrong. Think I'll sport an awesome mock turtleneck? Right. And don't even think about mocking it. Have I looked away? No chance. I'm peering deep into your eyes, into your soul, into that space in your heart you save for creepy rookie Reds relievers who wear 'all-star' windbreakers despite not making an all-star team since high school. Yeah, I said 'windbreaker,' and I just broke wind. What of it? And, yeah, I'm still looking at you. Gaze upon me, and have a good night. Sweet dreams."

Card submitted by Douglas Corti

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