Mike Cameron, 1999 Upper Deck

Name: Mike Cameron
Team: Chicago White Sox
Position: Outfield
Value of card: 2 cents a minute
Key 1998 stat: 14 jewelry-induced neck strains
Conversation between Mike Cameron and an unknown caller, circa 1999: "Hello. Who's this? I can't hear ya. Speak up, son. Speak up. Ya there? I'm here. In the dugout. Just say something. You're right. I need to talk. I have a Gatorade drinking problem. It's true. I lost my uniform and now I think my manager hates me. I'm so sad. So, so sad. I just want to cry sometimes, ya know? It's like I have this huge weight on my shoulders and I can't lift it off. Oh, it feels so good to talk about it. This necklace I'm wearing? It's not real. I tell everyone it's real, but it's not. I got it for 600 tickets at a Chuck E. Cheese's. Man, I love pizza. Mmm, pizza. But seriously, thanks so much for listening. It means a lot. You're always there for me. Hello? Hello? Wait, why did I answer the radar gun?"

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