Felix Millan, 1970 Topps

Name: Felix Millan
Team: Atlanta Braves
Position: 2B (or, second base)
Value of card: Free newspaper subscription for one month (Sundays through Fridays not included)
Key 1970 stat: One boring all-star card
Journamalism: Newspaper headline writers (yes, there are still a handful of them these days) are tasked with summarizing a full story into just a few words. It's a task that requires thought and time, and it usually takes a few attempts to find the perfect wording. Here are a few headline possibilities that were rejected before this poor imitation of The Sporting News settled on the super-informative "Felix Millan     2B":
  • Felix Millan     2 Eyebrows
  • Felix Millan     Not the Cat
  • Some Guy     2B
  • Felix Millan     Smiling?
  • Millan Defeats Truman


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