Bob Hamelin, 1996 Pinnacle

Name: Bob Hamelin (we think)
Team: Kansas City Royals
Position: Designated hitter
Value of card: A piece of paper with your name on it
Key 2013 stat: One dubious distinction
W.O.A.T.? Recently, Slate executive editor Josh Levin declared the above piece of cardboard the worst baseball card of all time. The argument is clear: Here we have DH-platoon specialist Bob Hamelin's sad, pudgy face peering out through his glare-covered glasses, and his sad, pudgy mullet peering out from under his autographed baseball cap. Most egregiously, though, Hamelin is holding against his chin a sign with his name printed on it      meanwhile, the card's breathtaking design has some sort of nameplate pyramid covering up part of said sign. The card is atrocious, the photography horrible, and the mullet greasy. But the worst of all time? Sorry, Slate, but we've seen worse. Here are some (though not all) of them:

  • This generic Frank Thomas card that may have been made with construction paper and line tape.
  • This Keith Comstock minor-league card that's just plain nuts.
  • The 1990 Topps Calvin Schiraldi crapfest that looks like it was shot with an old, broken flip phone.
  • Anything from those terrible Comic Ball sets (but especially this one).
  • This blindingly pink Griffey card.
  • Bo Jackson posing like Punky Brewster while wearing an ace of spades jacket (both sides).
  • And this one of Beaver Dick Pole. No, wait, that's the greatest card of all time. Our mistake.