Bernie Kosar, 1988 Topps Mini Super Star (Football Friday No. 169)

Name: Bernie Kosar
Team: Cleveland Browns
Position: Quarterback
Value of card: A lot of green? No, a splotch of brown
Key 1987 stat: 18 teammates who spent a weekend at Bernie's
Small card, little value: Ah, the mini card. A shining invention of the 1980s sports card boom. Proof that the industry's search for a niche knew no bounds. A testament to the absence of a design aesthetic at Topps and its fellow companies. Here, you have an action shot of Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar, surrounded by a sea of red, on a 3-by-2⅛-inch card with stickers affixed to the back. Are the stickers of Kosar? Sorry. They're of football players, yes, but you'll have to guess who they are because their names aren't included. On the front of the card, however, you have a name — and four stats. Yeah, that should give you a pretty good feel for the player. One thing's for sure: Mini cards had nothing on their cousin, the BIG card.

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