Mike Tyson, 1974 Topps

Name: Mike Tyson
Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Positions: Shortstop, super featherweight
Value of card: Two bloody mouthpieces
Key 1973 stat: One more home run than we hit that year
Fun facts about Mike Tyson the shortstop and "Iron" Mike Tyson the boxer:
  • Iron Mike was one of the most intimidating figures in his sport. Baseball Mike couldn't even intimidate the bat boys.
  • Iron Mike had a video game named after him. Baseball Mike had a bowl of soup named after him.
  • Iron Mike had a cameo in the film "The Hangover." Baseball Mike was a late-inning replacement in several games that he showed up to hung over.
  • Iron Mike once bit off part of another fighter's ear. Baseball Mike had his mother cut his meat for him until he was 15.
  • Iron Mike has a checkered history with women, to say the least, including three marriages, allegations of domestic abuse and a rape conviction. Baseball Mike is still working up the courage to talk to that cute waitress at the Denny's.


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