David Shand, 1980 O-Pee-Chee (Stanley Cup Week No. 1)

Name: David Shand
Team: Um, uh, Toronto Maple Leafs?
Position, poste: Defense, defenseur
Value of card: A Canadian coin with a duck on it
Key 1979 stat: Zero times wearing the correct uniform
Welcome to Stanley Cup Week: We here at The Bust couldn't be happier to welcome you to Stanley Cup Week, the most Canadian of all weeks you'll find on this blog. For instance, this week, we're watching hockey, riding moose, drinking maple syrup by the gallon, communicating only by saying "eh" and engaging in hurtful stereotypes for the fun of it. So, enjoy the rest of the week, eh?
Now playing for the (blank): Here we see David Shand, apparently a defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs, a proud franchise that has worn the same blue-and-white uniforms since the 1920s. Which leads to the question: What the hell is Shand wearing? Was the photo from his minor-league days? Was he on the Calgary Flames or Detroit Red Wings and got traded? Did his mom screw up dressing him? Or was he the short-lived 1979 mascot for Toronto's favorite team who then moved on to a U.S. college athletics program?

Card submitted by Douglas Corti


  1. Dave is shown as an Atlanta Flame (there's a hint of a flaming 'A' in the middle of his chest and there's a poorly-masked one on the player behind him).

    For 1980-81, the Flames moved to Calgary and Topps/OPC reacted by masking the crest on all the players. Dave was traded to the Leafs before the cards were printed but after the pictures were taken.

  2. If you want a really ugly version of this problem, look at Richard Mulhern - you can't even tell which player he is: http://1967ers.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/this-is-a-picture-of-who-exactly/