Harry Colon, 1991 Action Packed (Football Friday No. 159)

Name: Harry Colon
Team: New England Patriots
Position: Safety
Value of card: 40 days and nights of laughter
Key 1991 stat: Ran around with "Colon" written on his jersey
Here's what Harry Colon stands for:

Had a knack for wiping out the competition
Athletes named after parts of the bowels are always worth a laugh
Remember how good the Patriots were in the early '90s? Neither do we.
Rectum? He damn near killed him!
Yeah, sorry. Forgot his name was Colon, not Rectum. Because that would have been ridiculous.

Clearly, this guy stunk
Oh yeah, he wasn't good at football, either
Lone break in the humiliation came when Patriots signed fullback Hugh G. Reckshon
OK, time for the moral of the story:
Nobody likes a Harry Colon

Card submitted by Douglas Corti

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