Haj Turay, 2003 Topps Total

Name: Haj Turay
Team: New York Mets
Position: Outfield
Value of card: One bizarre mini-bulge
Key 2002 stat: Hit, Haj Turay? No! Eh? No!
Clearing up some rumors about Haj Turay:
  • Haj Turay was not, in fact, a gremlin. He just smiled like one.
  • Despite how he's holding the bat in the above photo, Haj Turay did, in fact, get paid to play baseball.
  • Despite what it says, this was not Haj Turay's first-year card, because Haj Turay never had a first year in the majors.
  • Haj Turay did not, in fact, have a helmet with the Mets logo. Rather, he had just spray-painted the above helmet blue and orange and snuck into Shea Stadium.
  • Haj Turay did, in fact, smell like old cabbage.
  • Haj Turay did, in fact, have the skinniest little chicken legs in the Tri-State Area.
Card submitted by Douglas Corti

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