Arthur Rhodes, 1992 Pinnacle Rookie Prospect

Name: Arthur Rhodes
Team: Baltimore Orioles™
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: 12 feathers from carcass of an oriole a soiled pigeon
Key 1991 stat: 47 dead orioles kept in a drawer
Orioles' scouting report on rookie prospect Arthur Rhodes: "We paid him his salary in fake gold jewelry, so it's no big deal if he doesn't pan out. ... If he can get as much movement on his curveball as he does on his mouth, we'll be all right. ... A minus: Falls off the mound after every pitch. ... A plus: Crossed eyes might confuse batters. ... Flipped us 'the bird' upon arrival, which actually fits in well with the Orioles franchise. ... Favorite actor? Dudley Moore. Favorite movie? Yup, 'Arthur.' ... We're always looking for a few good bulges. And this one comes with a twist."

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