Greg Minton, 1978 Topps

Name: Greg Minton
Team: San Francisco Giants
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: Seven broken crayons
Key 1977 stat: 13 colors in the artist's palette
A critic's take on this fine artwork: You know it when you see it: charisma. In all its glory, before you, staring, ever so subtly, into the vast abyss of modern American life, and into your soul. This piece features one man, but it speaks to millions. The glasses, as if formed from the grill of an all-American Chevrolet. The mustache, turned downward, as our lives so often are. The teeth. Oh, those bright, brilliant teeth — they light the way into the future, a senseless but staggering future, full of possibility, crammed with ideas. Yes, ideas, the rejuvenation of existence in one simple moment. Yes, ideas, often glorious, always fleeting. Yes, ideas, the kind that sometimes — for the lucky few — are as great as this, a combination photograph and color-by-numbers executed by the next great American artist, third-grader Benny Carrasco. Fin.


  1. I was literally in the middle of busting this card! Good one!

  2. Great minds... Keep 'em coming!