Jeff Williams, 1992 Bowman (Bowman Fashion Week No. 1)

Name: Jeff Williams
Team: Hagerstown Suns (Orioles affiliate)
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: Whatever you can find in that tiny, useless pocket that jeans have
Key 1991 stat: Didn't like denim; loved denim
Welcome to Bowman Fashion Week: For the next seven days, we here at the Bust will bring you some of the most hideous intriguing style choices ever to grace cardboard. The kicker? They're all from the 1992 Bowman set. It's almost as though the good folks at Bowman got together and said, "Hey, baseball is a timeless sport, so let's go ahead and feature some the game's future stars and Jeff Williams in attire that will be woefully outdated five weeks from now!" Good call, gents. If clothes make the man, then, well, check back next week for actual men.

Today's fashion model: Here we see Baltimore Orioles second-round draft pick and future flame-out Jeff Williams donning the always-hip Canadian tuxedo. Sure, he's owned those Lee jeans for the better part of five years, but that crisp denim button-down just came off the rack at Kmart last week, thanks to Mr. Williams' signing bonus. Jeff is also suave enough to remove his glove in order to show off the Casio digital watch his mom got him for Christmas. That's right, folks, this modern timepiece features both a stopwatch setting and a backlight. That's fashion and function, all on one rubber wristband!

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