Al Hrabosky, 1989 T&M Senior League

Name: Al Hrabosky
Team: West Palm Beach Tropics
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: One burned palm tree frond
Key 1989 stat: Sleeves 15 percent too short
Just, wow: We here at the Bust have made up a lot of tales over the past few years, but every once in a while, we come across something that needs no embellishment or flat-out lies. Such is the case here. No, that crazy-looking bearded guy in a long-sleeve orange T-shirt and white pants isn't our father      that's the Mad Hungarian, Al Hrabosky, playing for one of the eight teams in the Senior Professional Baseball Association, a league of players age 35 and older. A glimpse of the league's Wikipedia page reads like a Bust all-star game, as Rollie Fingers, Earl Weaver, Jim Morrison, Ron Washington, Jon Matlack and Juan Eichelberger all are mentioned. But the league existed for only two years, folding halfway through its second season. Our extensive research failed to turn up what led to its downfall, but it seems safe to assume that it was caused by either bankruptcy or Hrabosky's overpowering body odor.

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