Rollie Fingers, 1982 Topps In Action

Name: Rollie Fingers
Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Position: Closer
Value of card: Curve your fingers, touch your thumb and make a circle — that much
Key 1981 stat: 10 fingers on two hands (we think)
Wow! What an action-packed shot; here are some others from Topps' 1982 In Action subset:
  • George Brett sitting on the bench, just sitting there
  • Mike Schmidt standing near third base, kind of near the base
  • Fernando Valenzuela tying his shoe, with the shoe out of the photo's frame
  • Andre Dawson asleep in a dark room, so dark you can't see anything
  • Kirk Gibson chewing sunflower seeds, though you can't really tell he's chewing them
  • Nolan Ryan just standing there, out of focus and butt to the camera, in a shot that looked a lot like the one above
Card submitted by Tyler Kepner


  1. Is it just me, or does Rollie look like he's wearing a diaper?

  2. He certainly does look like that. A combination of a terribly constructed uniform, and Mr. Fingers' negative butt quotient.