Jerry Don Gleaton, 1991 Topps

Name: Jerry Don Gleaton
Team: Detroit Tigers
Positions: Pitcher, trucker
Value of card: One Gleaton
Key 1990 stat: 365 T-shirts sweated through
The long-haul legend: It was one night back in the spring of '91 when Detroit native and long-haul trucker Jerry Don Gleaton got word over the CB that the Topps photography crew had been spotted winding its way through Florida, stopping at the various training camps to take shots. Rumor was that the Tigers were up next. Gleaton, who was hauling a load of pig iron through Tuscaloosa, Ala., turned his rig around and was eastbound and down, headed for Lakeland, Fla. Gleaton pulled into Joker Marchant Stadium at dawn, put on the knockoff Tigers uniform his lovin' wife had sewn together for him for Christmas, and wandered straight onto the field. The Topps photogs were a little uncertain, considering Gleaton's doughy frame, but after taking one look at Cecil Fielder, they gave the trucker the benefit of the doubt.

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