Bryan Clark, 1983 Topps

Name: Bryan Clark
Team: Seattle Mariners
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: Three rotting fish carcasses from Pike's Place Market
Key 1982 stat: Zero hats worn before, during and after games
What the ... : Hmm, this is odd. It appears (1) we have a baseball card featuring a fan, not a player; (2) the fan in the big photo is surprised to be getting his picture taken; (3) someone PhotoShopped a circular photo of the fan's brother or cousin onto the card, complete with a fake-looking green background; (4) someone put an obvious afro wig on the fan and adjusted it wrong, pulling it much too far over his forehead; and (5) the fan's brother or cousin in the circle can tell all these shenanigans are going on and appears to be skeptical of the situation. Well, tiny circle brother or cousin of fan Bryan Clark, you're wrong. This is a real card with no manipulation. You, sir, shouldn't be so skeptical.

Card submitted by Sean Griffin


  1. I believe that shortly after this gem of a photo was taken, Bryan Clark went on to record "Somebody's Watching Me" under the artist name Rockwell. Same sweet 'do, same surprised looks are abound in that video.

  2. Back then, the M's were so bad they actually did have fans make their 25 man roster. When you're a 100-loss team playing in the Kingdome, you need to scan the seats to find those last precious roster pieces.

    This day for Mr. Bryan Clark from Poulsbo, WA was the highlight of his life. Not only was he photographed in front of his house and featured on his first Topps baseball card, he also got to plant a 63 MPH fastball on Dave Winfield's left butt cheek.