Brian Harper, 1993 Upper Deck SP

Name: Brian Harper
Team: Minnesota Twins
Positions: Catcher, on hold
Value of card: 25 cents for the first minute, zero after
Key 1992 stat: $285 monthly mobile phone bill
10 things Brian Harper said while on the phone:
10) "Yeah, it's great. I get reception in like four places around town."
9) "Can I call you back? My arm is soooo tired."
8) "Honey, stop yelling. I'm sorry I used the last garbage bag for a short-sleeve jacket."
7) "Mustaches? Yes, I am interested."
6) "Hold on, Gary, I have Joe on the other line."
5) "It sounds like you're right next door — mowing the lawn underground with your mouth taped."
4) "Yup, I can call anyone, and then I use it as a bat at the plate."
3) "Is that you over there, in the distance? Do you see me, looking like a moron with a giant phone pressed against my head?"
2) "Yes, I play for the Twins. My twin? Zack Morris."
1) "I can't hear you. I just answered the iron."

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