Wonder Monds, 1990 Nebraska 100 (Football Friday No. 147)

Name: Wonder Monds
Team: Nebraska Cornhuskers
Position: Defensive back
Value of card: You shouldn't wonder about it
Key 1975 stat: 1 red coat, 1 red tie
Fun facts, some of which we didn't make up, about Wonder Monds:
  • During his college years, his afro was the tallest point in Nebraska
  • Never actually husked any corn
  • His extensive sideburns allowed him to Velcro on his helmet
  • Besides Santa, the only man in history to look smooth wearing only red and white
  • Had sons named Wonderful Terrific Monds III and Mario. Sorry about that, Mario.



  1. I have Wonderful Teffific's '95 Upper Deck minor league cards. I always wondered what the story was there.

    Poor Mario.

  2. You'd think they could have at least named him Super Mario.