Steve Yzerman, 1994-95 Upper Deck Be a Player (Hockey Week No. 1)

Name: Steve Yzerman
Team: Detroit Red Wings
Position: Center
Value of card: On a scale of 1 to 10, it's 90210
Key 1994-95 stat: Came in last on a lot of roll calls
Break out the Zambonis, eh, hockey season's a-comin': When word spread that the NHL owners and players had reached a labor deal and agreed to play an abbreviated season starting this Saturday, we here at the Bust, like so many other Americans, said, "Hey, wait, hockey was supposed to have started?" Then we realized we could count on one hand the number of hockey cards we've featured, and we decided to fix that. So strap on those skates and fire up your copy of "Slap Shot"      it's Hockey Week.
Putting the "why" in Stevie Y: At first, this photo of Steve Yzerman seems like nothing more than an embarrassing, dated collectible, but the more we stared at it      and we stared a long time      the more we started to see some symbolism here. Look at the fear in Yzerman's eyes, the tension with which he's gripping the chair, the excitement in his mullet, and the way his hiney is prominently displayed in those dad jeans. Then you notice he's wearing an incredible NHL Players' Association letterman's jacket, and you realize that this card is a representation of the 2012-13 lockout. After all, this photo wasn't the last time the NHLPA was bent over a piece of furniture.

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  1. Why does he look like Joey from Full House?