Eric Lindros, 1992-93 Pinnacle Sidelines (Hockey Week No. 6)

Name: Eric Lindros
Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Position: Center
Value of card: An earful of water
Key 1992-93 stat: 310 times mistaken for Iceman from "Top Gun"
Time to drop the pun puck: Nineteen-year-old phenom Eric Lindros made quite a splash when he debuted in the National Hockey League in 1992. At 6 feet 4, 240 pounds, Lindros was a tsunami on skates, doing laps around the competition and making waves throughout the league. When he wasn't water skiing in safety-orange briefs and a two-sizes-too-small life jacket, he was rippling the back of the net with goals and making serious clams from endorsement deals. However, while he at first seemed to be coasting to the Hall of Fame, a series of concussions and other injuries started to erode his abilities. His relationship with the Flyers sank, and he floated from team to team until he finally faced the facts: He was all washed up.

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