Bob Stanley, 1989 Donruss

Name: Bob Stanley
Team: Boston Red Sox
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: Uhhhhhhh ...
Key 1988 stat: No wild pitches in the World Series
Actual conversation between Donruss photographer and Bob Stanley before the above photo was taken:

Donruss photog: "Good afternoon, Mr. Stanley, are you ready to have your photo taken?"
Bob Stanley: "Uhhhhhh ..."
DP: "Um, is that a yes? And you should close your mouth      you'll catch flies. Ha, just kidding!"
BS: "Uhhhhhh ..."
DP: "Ohhhh-kay! I'm just gonna go ahead and snap a couple shots. That is your index finger sticking out of your glove, right?"
BS: "Uhhhhh ..."
DP: "Riiiight. Mr. Stanley, are you feeling OK? Do you smell oranges?"
BS: "Uhhhhhh ..."
DP: "ARE YOU HAVING A MEDICAL EMERGENCY? All right, you just stay here. I'll see if I can find the team doctor."
BS: "Uhhhh ..."


  1. I have a couple of this one in my "Uncollectables" binder. There's a lot of late-80's photography in there....

    I think he looks like DeNiro here.

  2. Indeed he does, but if the two greatest lessons in life are to never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut, he's failing at No. 2.