Jose Rijo, 1997 Topps

Name: Jose "Hose-ay" Rijo
Team: Cincinnati Reds
Position: Groundskeeper
Value of card: A drink from Jose's hose
Key 1996 stat: 162 basepaths raked
Not-so-key contributor: Reds pitcher Jose Rijo missed the entire 1996 season (and the four seasons after that) because of a serious elbow injury. However, that didn't keep Rijo away from Riverfront Stadium. The hurler would work on rehabbing his arm in the morning and then make his way to the ballpark in the afternoon, where he would don a groundskeeper's outfit and grab a hose, just to be part of the team. Rijo would then merrily make his way around the infield, spraying as he went. None of his teammates had the heart to tell the poor guy that the field's surface was Astroturf.

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