Bip Roberts, 1996 Score Artist's Proof

Name: Bip Roberts
Teams: San Diego Padres, Tijuana Torerros
Position: Second base
Value of card: 2 pesos
Key 1995 stat: Nada
10 things Bip Roberts regrets from his trip to Mexico:
10) Getting those eye black tattoos.
9) Riding around town on a Tijuana zebra.
8) Spending a week there one night.
7) Getting "Bipped" in an alley behind a tourist bar.
6) Buying that fake gold necklace from a guy who kept calling him "Meester Robert"
5) The chimichangas that nearly killed him.
4) Nothing, until he saw this photo.
3) Having to explain to everyone that he plays on a baseball team called the Dads.
2) Blacking out and waking up with the name "Bip."
1) Misplacing his baseball cap.

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